A Land So Luminous: Music by Kenneth Hesketh and Richard Causton
The Continuum Ensemble, Philip Headlam (Conductor), Mary Bevan, Tamsin Waley-Cohen, Douglas Finch, Lisa Nelsen, Joseph Spooner
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"doubly worthwhile" - Fiona Maddocks, The Observer

"the Continuum Ensemble and guests brilliantly sing and play a range of attractive pieces" - Stephen Pettitt, The Sunday Times

"an album of wit, colour and imagination" - BBC Music Magazine

"very beautiful sounding works, helped enormously by the sensitive touch of Finch" - Adam Fergler, Without Barlines blog

"The night-time theme continues in ‘Night Piece’ for solo piano, [...] performed by Douglas Finch, who brings a delicate clarity and tenderness to this dreamlike work." - Frances Wilson, Cross-Eyed Pianist blog

"most rewarding and enjoyable" ... (of 'Night Piece') "Causton brings a terrific atmosphere with [Douglas Finch] finding many lovely moments" - Bruce Reader, The Classical Reviewer

Inner Landscapes: Piano and Chamber Music 1984-2013
Aleksander Szram (Piano), Lisa Nelsen (Flute), Mieko Kanno (Violin), Toby Tramaseur (Violin), Caroline Szram (Cello)
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"captivating and engrossing [...] This is one of those very rare discs that I return to, [...] and discover fresh musical delights in abundance." - Ian Mitchell, Clarinettist and Director of Gemini

"The playing on 'Inner Landscapes' is exemplary. These are top-notch musicians"; "Ucluelet [Track 11] is a perfectly wrought piece of music" - Adam Fergler, Without Barlines blog

"a composer who has developed his own distinctive language with impressive results, creating landscapes that are elusive yet intensely enveloping" - Bruce Reader ClassicalReviewer blog

"It is the restraint in this music that makes it particularly arresting." - The Cross-Eyed Pianist

"Endlessly beguiling... The patterns and textures of his music draw us into a world whose beauty keeps us gently spellbound" - Michael Church, The Independent

"Finch has a very striking ear for nuance and gesture" - 4* review from Planet Hugill blog

Sound Clouds: Improvisations
Martin Speake (Saxophone) and Douglas Finch (Piano)
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"It’s obvious that the artists had an extraordinarily creative experience but at all times the music speaks to the listener with a heartfelt and eloquent sincerity." - Sean Corby

"there is a lightness to many of these performances that makes the album's title the most apt of descriptions of the music it contains" - Duncan Heining, All About Jazz

"a tremendous record of a serendipitous musical symbiosis" - Shock of the New Blog

Listen to some excerpts:

  • Sound Clouds 1. Prelude

  • Sound Clouds 14. Hoedownup

Douglas Finch In Recital
Douglas Finch (Piano)
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  • Recorded live at Chetham's School of Music
  • Available from: Douglas Finch


  • Finch: Preludes and Afterthoughts - Fantasy-Transcriptions on Chopin's Preludes op.28
  • Chopin: Sonata no 2 in B flat minor op 34
  • Finch: Improvisations on themes from the audience

Poles Apart - The Chamber Music of Roger Smalley
Douglas Finch (Piano), Philip Headlam (Conductor) and The Continuum Ensemble
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"Acclaimed for their recording of Errollyn Wallen’s music (Avie, 7/02), The Continuum Ensemble prove equally adept here, with Douglas Finch in command of writing whose demands are a reminder that Smalley is himself no mean pianist."

- Richard Whitehouse, Gramophone

Errollyn Wallen: The Girl in My Alphabet
Douglas Finch (Piano), Patricia Rozario (Soprano), Philip Headlam (Conductor), Ensemble X and The Continuum Ensemble
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Douglas Finch (Piano)
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"These tracks were selected from 20 improvisations recorded on the evening of July 4, 1994. Except for a couple of hours of technical experimentation and warm-up, none of the musical ideas were consciously prepared in advance. The only preparation was to jot down about 30 titles on the way to the recording studio." - Douglas Finch

A Change in the Weather
Jon Sanders (Director) Douglas Finch (Music)
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  • “The music is as subtly bold as the rest of the film with the composer Douglas Finch a character who performs live or sits observing, poised at his keyboard. This means the music seems to come from inside the film and inside of the characters, a bubbling wave of emotion...” - Front Row Reviews
  • "musical interludes add subtle emotional underlining" - Hannah McGill, Sight & Sound
  • "underpinned by a sense of melancholy, reflected in the songs and music performed" - Adrian Peel, Cambridge Independent
  • "Questions love and marriage astonishingly well. Intelligent and worth the wait, acted superbly" 4-star review from The Upcoming
  • "Thoughtful and touching, imbued with a gentle melancholy. Profoundly affecting portrait" 4-star review from Jason Solomons
Back to the Garden
Jon Sanders (Director) Douglas Finch (Music)
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"a score... perfectly attuned to the mood of the film with its delicacy and understated manner"

- Charles Graham-Gordon

Late September
Jon Sanders (Director) Douglas Finch (Music)
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“Jon Sanders’ film has a quiet power and beauty unlike anything I’ve seen in British cinema.” - Jason Solomons

Low Tide
Jon Sanders (Director) Douglas Finch (Music)
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  • Available from: Douglas Finch
Painted Angels (aka The Wicked Wicked West)
Jon Sanders (Director) Douglas Finch (Music)
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"The fatalistic beauty of Jon Sanders’ ‘Painted Angels’ is complimented by its delicate soundtrack by Douglas Finch – proof at last that film music needn’t be bland... Both the score and its film represent a great triumph of artistic will." - Michael Church, The Independent



Photography: Geoff Janes, Photo Symphonic